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Glass, it's everywhere, a beautiful feature in our daily surroundings,adding exciting elements to modern architecture, creating space and bringing natural light to our every day environment.

But all that glass has its price - allowing in the sun's damaging UV radiation, annoying glare and excessive heat and increasing energy costs. Fight back and control these elements with Prestige solar control window films.

Energy use and costs reduced
Windows with poor thermal performance mean heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. By applying Prestige Window Films the energy performance of windows can be dramatically improved. Homes and offices are cooler in summer, with windows rejecting up to 76% of solar heat. And more efficient in winter preventing upto 30% of heat loss. Not only will you be more comfortable you'll be saving on energy costs and contributing towards a cleaner, healthier environment.

Protection from UV rays
Prestige Window Films block up to an incredible 99% of harmful ultra violet lightly, which along with other factors, contributes to the premature fading of carpets, furniture and fittings. It does this with UV absorbs impregnated in the film. By blocking such rays and reducing heat transfer and visible light transmittance (and still leaving adequate natural lighting) Prestige films help protect your investments. And preserve the value of your home.

Technology you can trust
The unique product of Prestige Safety and Security Film is primarily engineered and developed to meet the critical requirements of safety and security by protecting glass from shattering. Our high quality film strengthens the glass by holding glass fragments together with its multi-layered polyester films and high-strength molecular bond adhesive system making it one of the best investments for any home or building. Once applied, this film will upgrade the glass to BS6206 Class B.

Low cost and effective solution
In terms of cost, Prestige Window Films offer good value for money, as installation is simple and fast. It is a simple retrofit solution to today's increasing need for solar heat reduction and security. There is minimum disruption to the occupants in the buildings as compared to the costly next best solution of changing the glass. Changing glass involves major works to the buildings since the original glass panes must be removed before new glass can be installed.

Reduce unwanted glare
From computer screens at the workplace to televisions in homes, glare is an unwanted guest. Prestige solar control window films can reduce eye strain and make you more content whether in the office or at home by reducing up to 85% of the glare. You will be more productive and comfortable at the office and at home.

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